Deep Clean Bath

The ultimate experience that leaves your dog clean, relaxed and radiant!

  • ​Deep & refreshing spa bath
  • Remoisturizing skin treatment 
  • Brushing & massage
  • Clean ears
  • Check & express anal gland
  • Trim nails and pads
  • Cologne (optional)


(310) 415-3355

Personalized grooming

Your dog deserves to be pampered with love and care!

We take pride in making sure your dog's experience

will truly create happy tails!

Our clean and caring environment soothes and pampers, 

while the personalized attention brings out

your dog's happiest smile

and most beautiful shine!

 Deep Clean Bath & Groom

A Deep Clean Spa followed by a specialized fur cut to leave your dog looking beautiful and feeling proud and happy!

​Grooming for breed-specific styles and your personalized preferences!

 A la Carte

We offer the full spectrum of  

additional services, including: 

        Furminator de-shedding


        Flea bath 

​        Teeth brushing

​        Nail clipping